The Doggfather has good taste

Snoop Lion repping Milan! I don’t know why this makes me so happy since I haven’t listened to Snoop in years but it does.


WARNING: I will use the term football to refer to both sports. I am trusting your ability to read in context.

First, some context: I love football (soccer). My girlfriend loves football (American). We managed to arrive at a compromise, where I support her teams and watch their games, and she does the same for mine. The following teams have gained a fan via this deal: AC Milan, Washington Redskins, New Orleans Saints. The following teams have gained an anti-fan (just as important): Dallas Cowboys, Manchester United, Juventus.

This post is mostly a recap of conversations we have had regarding the Champions League. The way I saw it, fans of both footballs should intuitively get the other football. And they can, with just a little work to understand real football’s premier showcase, the UEFA Champions League.

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