Disbelieving abuse victims

November 4, 2014

Apropos of a conversation I had re: Jian Ghomeshi, we really should, as a goddamn civilized culture, stop defaulting to disbelieving victims of abuse, of any kind. Honestly, we make up our minds without literally all the evidence all the time, but it’s shameful that we need 500 forms in triplicate before taking the word of a woman over a powerful man. Instead of immediately going “she’s doing it for the money/attention/because he’s rich and famous” and making excuses for a powerful person we don’t know, maybe consider that the powerless have much less to gain by speaking out than the powerful do. I will always, even if you’re my friend and accused, default to believing the victims of abuse, every single time. Put simply, Jian Ghomeshi is a terrible person. I liked his interviews, just like everyone else. He’s still a terrible person. Don’t make excuses for him.


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