Hello, happy tree friends

March 4, 2011

I didn’t really expect anyone’s been reading this thing but apparently I’ve had some traffic to this here corner of the intertubez. I check the dashboard on this thing about very very intermittently so I had no idea that my readership’s more than me and some ex-girlfriends. I woke up today only to realize that the editor of the Northville Review, Erin Fitzgerald, featured my little musing on metal on her blog. I felt superspecial. I’m going to go read the Northville Review now. The Internet, bringing folks I wish I knew in real life, into my head. Whee! And thank you for your patronage.

Today, we also got randomly messaged by a major music promoter who liked our music. She’s not someone any of us know so her offering us some dates and venues was also extraspecial and made me feel all warm inside. It’s nice to be recognized. We’re all better when we’re loved.

Basically, the upshot is shoot me a message or something if you like something here. I could always do with more friends and accomplices. I’d love to get a beer with you.

And here, a tasteless, mildly offensive joke to wash away all the sap that’s in this post 🙂
This is Warrel Dane from nevermore bantering with the audience at a gig. He’s reused that joke a few times and I love it. I may have once said that joke in a class I taught also.


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