January 1, 2011

Hello 2011, this is how I intend to make you my bitch, thanks.

1) Get signed on to a major label and actually make money off our music this year. For once in my life, I have faith in our music. If we each come out of this year with 10 grand in the bank, I call it a win. I can’t wait for the music video to get done. C’mon, late January.

2) Invent something. Patent it. I want to have something non-musical in my name at the Copyright Bureau. Ironically, it’ll probably be a musical instrument. I’ve got some of the groundwork done.

3) Figure out this vertical farming business and research water reclamation utilities. If anyone’s going to save agriculture in the Middle East, it better be me. For that though, I’ll have to make the pitch strong enough for the Council of Ministers and conceivably bring Prof. Despommiers to Oman.

4) Start another company.

5) Do my damnedest to not fuck up the next girl who likes me.

6) Get on the cover of a magazine/make sure Tony gets on at the very least.

7) Clean my room more.

8) Teach better. Grade on a less stressful schedule.


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