Tyler Clementi’s suicide

October 1, 2010

This story made me sick. I’m a Rutgers grad. I teach here. I care a lot about Rutgers and Jersey. That this sort of thing still happens, where a kid ends up killing himself over his sexual orientation because some idiot roommate outed him over twitter and ichat is just…ugh. A real loss. I’d hesitate to call this murder or even manslaughter but it’s certainly more than just a prank. Dead because a couple of dumb kids thought his pain would be funny. Poor kid. It’s not that you were a good musician or gay or bi or whatever. Even if you weren’t any of those things, you don’t deserve this. RIP.

It’s okay to be you, kid, whoever you are, whatever you are. Don’t let anyone tell you different and if they do, don’t believe them. Your sexuality’s only a part of the larger organism of love and that’s what we spend our lives realizing. Pain goes away. You’ll feel differently a week from now.

I wish someone had told me that growing up. These weren’t my particular demons but they’re not far off. I wish someone had told Tyler that and the kids who led to him dying, Ravi and Molly, them too. We are all brought up so imperfectly, without belief in our right to exist.


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