Shoulder of Orion

July 30, 2010

Music I made

I spent a few days helping produce my best friend’s album. He taught me how to play guitar and in return, I dyed my hair pink and blue, got me a mohawk and jumped around on stage trying to catch the tail end of the rap-rock era. Of course, we’ve moved on to bigger and better things. Mostly dirty sounds from the 70s but I’ll always cherish how we started out and it’s such a pleasure to give back to him. After days of frantic lyric writing and arrangements, my mind needed a break from guitar-based melodies.

Hence my new electronic music alterego :p

I’m in Oman right now where life moves slowly, winding up once in awhile into frantic motion. When I’m not being all business-like, apparently now I write electronic music. I have access to a bass and a MIDI keyboard and a bunch of software so this is what the inside of my head sounds like after watching “The Descent” and “Blade Runner” (my second favorite movie ever) back to back. It’s so damn dancey. Who knew? This is also my first attempt at drum programming. Tentatively, I dub this project Wrecksystem cos it reminds me of space.


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