Celtic Frost and other musical business

February 7, 2010

I have a new band. We’re called Missionaries of the Air. One night Jacob and I were at the bar and we’re out in the back with the smokers when Jacob starts belting out a Soundgarden song that impresses pretty much everyone. Including the guy who’s now our bassist, Jared. This is what we sound like when covering Celtic Frost.

Celtic Frost is THE metal band as far as I’m concerned. Nothing will come close. I still remember the first time metal made sense to me. To Mega Therion and Into the Pandemonium changed my musical life way back when and meeting them on the Monotheist reunion tour was one of the highlights of my life. I kept telling Tom Warrior that he was my hero over and over. I was drunk but I would have done that sober as well, I’m thinking.

Missionaries of the Air has a very unique sound. Jacob’s a Southern gospel/soul/rock singer. Jared’s a jazz bassist and I play black metal. We’re committed to making music that creeps us out and sends a shiver down our spine. I know it’s not metal at all but hopefully the aesthetic is still there. But for now, I’d call us Southern gothic/70s garage rock/gospel/rock. What makes it also metal to me is how committed we’ve ended up being to the riff. We’re trying to strip music down to its very basics. We covered a song, kept only the main riff, repeated it for 8 minutes, took out 7 notes from an already simple riff, and tried to make it speak through the silences.


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