Catshit One

March 26, 2009

Goddamn! I have rarely seen a more compelling war trailer! And it’s not just because the characters are bunny rabbits and camels and pandas and cats, though obviously, they’re all very cute. Motofumo Kobayashi’s Apocalypse Meow (isn’t that the greatest title ever?) is being adapted by Studio Anima into an anime series called Catshit One. It’s clearly set in Afghanistan where, despite what people often think, a war is still raging. Despite having all Americans be bunny rabbits and all Afghanis be camels and generally using the wonders of anthropomorphing to get past viewer bias, the series aims to quite accurately depict war. I haven’t read the manga so I can’t comment on how effective this will be but initial reports are that this production is incredibly technically accurate and not heavy handed. It’s pure genius though. If a movie were to be made about war, and plenty of them have, the risk is that the emotional pull of seeing the human face would be disconcerting to the viewer. Using animals is a novel way to subvert the conversation no one wants to have: the human cost of war.


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