From the archives: Poem

February 21, 2009

Kevin Kilroy was kind enough to edit one of my old poems about war, written around the time of Katrina (three years of poetry workshop and I still don’t know how to linebreak, thanks UBC!) and I like it now. Thanks, Kevin. Also, Betsy for being awesome.

Still pictures from a House in Ruins

The children will not stop crying until it is dawn
and they are tethered to the green roots
of our timid song. Call them to your side, Mother,
so your lullabies shall lie alongside memories,
long-dead homes inside predators’ claws,
rivers in hopeless eyes, and surrender a roof
in the petals of their smile. Mother, will you
return them to the womb where they are faceless?
Will you steal from their eyes this exile and fold it
in all the right places, until it is composed only of poems?
We have lost cities where once there was earth
and in this rubble, there has to be song.


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