Two songs

February 20, 2009

I recently found out one of my favorite musicians ever died. Kris Angylus from The Angelic Process. Listening to their album, Weighing Souls with Sand, is like watching the sunrise from the bottom of the ocean, ears dull from relentless pressure. It’s oppressive and uplifting, elevating even. Weighing Souls with Sand is a mad melange of red and yellow and black and in the center, such blinding white. I have, to this day, never seen a more perfect album cover. Isn’t that what an album cover should do? Describe the music? I don’t recommend The Angelic Process for anybody who can’t tolerate harshness or white noise but if you can get past that, the melody lines under there…devastating. This is brilliant. This one’s for the brave.

Even more so now he’s dead. RIP.

Just to cleanse the palate, another more recognizably beautiful side of the ambient music I love. This is post-classical. This is beautiful. There is nothing harsh about Max Richter’s work, just some aloneness and a great heart. I’d recommend this stuff to anybody. Listen!


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